Topic outline

  • How to Build & Deploy a LoRaWAN® Network

    • What You Will Build
    • Objectives
    • Hardware Requirements
      • End Node with LoRa® Functionality
      • Gateway with LoRa Functionality

    Book: 1
  • Stage 1: Building Your Sensor Node

    Book: 1
  • Stage 2: Install and Configure the ChirpStack Network Server

    Book: 1
  • Stage 3: Building Your Gateway

    • Hardware Requirements
    • Assemble the Gateway and Raspberry Pi
    • Flash the Micro SD card with ChirpStack Gateway OS
    • Connect the Gateway to the Internet
      • Connect the Gateway to the Internet using Ethernet
      • Connect the Gateway to the Internet Using Wi-Fi
    • Find the Gateway’s IP Address
    • Connect to the Gateway
    • Set Up LoRa® Concentrator Shield
    • Registering Your Gateway with the Network Server
    • Connect ChirpStack Gateway OS to the Network Server
    • Validate that the Gateway is Configured Correctly
    • Test the Gateway Connection

    Book: 1
  • Stage 4: Registering Your End Node with the Network Server

    • Create an Application
    • Create a Device Profile
    • Add Your Device
    • Join Your Device to the Network
    • Update the Device Profile Codec to Decode the Payload
    • Inspect the Decoded Payload

    Book: 1
  • Stage 5: Install and Configure ThingsBoard

    Book: 1